It's No Longer I That Liveth
The Forty Thieves
Consider The Beggar
Sorry Saints
The Francisco Problem
The Care Of Birds
I Like Your Art Much
London Falling
The Upper Room
The Dying Draughtsman
Long Live The Silver Skates
The Green Pool
A Private View
Radio Me
Comedic Loop
The Tank
My Departed
The End Of Art
Dark, Cold Thing
A Wordless Comic
LONG LIVE THE SILVER SKATES is a very short comic memoir about my first memories. I had been trying to base a huge comic on my first experiences of the world, but was only coming up with huge lies. `This short story is what survived of that mammoth project of wanting to recover the first glimpses onto the world. It was published in Italy and Portugal as part of an anthology (Quadradinhos) and a fanzine (Preto no Branco).
Long Live The Silver Skates